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PepemonGo is a new generation Pepe focusing on Pokemon! With our game release coming soon and NFTs of our Pepemon take part in what will be one of the most hyped memes around! 

With the majority of the focus on building a community that will keep Pepemon strong and a utility to follow through, we will grow to beat em all!

PepemonGo the Game resembles PokemonGo in a sense where you will be able to hunt and collect your Pepemon NFT and be able to grow and evolutionize into a bigger and badder Pepemon!

More details to follow post launch.

Make sure you are updated on our Twitter and Telegram.

Our NFT release will be done post launch and in batches, each batch will have a unique set of Pepemon that will have different characteristics, unique attributes, styles and powers.

The greater you develop your NFT in game the more it’ll be worth!

Get them soon! If you’re a second too late you will miss the drop!

A total of 5% tax on every buy and sell, with 3% going to marketing and 2% going to liquidity.


A Pokemon Go based game where you can grow and build your Pepemon after catching them.

Free to play

Our game is fun, engaging and free to play.


Stake your assets for passive income with great returns.

NFT Marketplace

Buy and sell Pepemon and friends NFT’s, through a simple system. Develop them and earn more rewards!


100% LP Burnt.


Very low tax ensuring growth of the project.

Stage 1

  • Website Launch
  • Telegram Launch
  • Medium Launch
  • Reddit Launch
  • WhitePaper Release

Stage 2

  • Crypto Marketing Campaign
  • Community Engagement Campaign
  • Contract Creation and testing
  • Staking developments and testing
  • Contract Deployment
  • Contract Verification
  • Audit confirmation
  • KYC confirmation

Stage 3

  • Launch
  • Dextools Information Updated
  • List on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko
  • 500+ Holders
  • 1 million Marketcap
  • Youtube Campaign
  • Twitter Campaign
  • DAO Creation and development

Stage 4

  • 1000+ Holders
  • Crypto marketing Agency partnerships
  • Crypto Expo partnerships
  • Crypto Influencer Partnerships
  • Community Voted Utility Released
  • NFT Staking released
  • Exchange Listing Hotbit
  • Exchange Listing BitMart
  • Exchange Listing

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