Monster Protocol

Open boxes, find the monsters and earn money !


Monster protocol is a play to earn game based on opening boxes, where players have the chance to find monsters. The goal of each player is to find all the 8 monsters so they can win a prize. There is going to be only 1 winner, and the people who take part will have the chance to obtain an airdrop for their participation.

Read our whitepaper to learn more ! 


The Season 1 of Monster Protocol game functions in a very simple way. Based on the value of tokens you hold you will be placed in the respective tiers. Each tier determines the number of attempts you have per day in opening the boxes. In simple terms the more tokens you hold, the higher is your chances of finding a monster. There will be only one winner and the first person to find all 8 monsters will win the Grand Prize.


DescriptionTier$MST WorthMax Box per 24h
KrakenTier 13 BNB5 Boxes
SlayTier 21 BNB3 Boxes
GrendelTier 30.25 BNB1 Box

The goal of Season 1 is to bring more hype and players so they can be ready for Season 2. Season 2 will be different concept from Season 1. It revolves around a concept similar to Fall Guys with a different map and of course in WebGL.




A game of houses and monsters and hunting various creatures to obtain $MST rewards in exchange for the loyalty of the kingdom’s houses

Free to play

Our game also comes with a custom client protocol, low rates, quests that drop items used on the gameFi and players.


Stake your assets for passive income with our 3 types of staking classes to get rewards and much more.

NFT Marketplace

Buy and sell Monsters, with a simple system without gas fees. Make good deals and increase your production of $MST tokens.


With each purchase or sale made, 1% goes on play to earn, This way we can keep the token deflated.


Our ecosystem brings the perfect gameplay to mix gameFi. Since resources are shared in both games, this way we can have a perfect balance for the economy.


Monster Protocol DAO will be one of the best additions to the Ecosystem. The DAO would enable us to communicate with the entire community where they will vote on what prize will be given and the features to include for the Season 2 game.



  • Building the Team
  • NFT Concept Design
  • Website Launch
  • Game System
  • Open Development
  • Whitepaper Release


  • Token Audit
  • Team KYC audit
  • Introduction
  • Testnet
  • Partnership


  • Pinksale Fair Launch
  • PancakeSwap Listing
  • Listing CoinMarketCap
  • Listing CoinGecko
  • Massive Marketing
  • Campaign


  • Game Released
  • More CEX




SpikeTheB is well experienced regarding in-game economy and marketing Strategies. He joined the web3 in 2020 right after COVID-19, he has done numerous amount of research and started advising other play-to-earn projects.



Steve has 3 years of experience in working with crypto start-ups, VCs & Launchpads. As of now he has worked with names like a16z, Paradigm & DAO Maker.

FC Maniacs


FC Maniacs is an expert on startups development, not only on digital sector but also helping companies such as Burger King with their expansion in new countries.

Czarr Reno


Czarr is a well renown social media influencer and early investor of BNB who is followed by CZ himself.


Contract Dev

Anoop is a smart contract developer with a huge experience in the space. He made 16 Multi-Million $ projects and made +150 massive projects. He is a recognized contract dev in the Binance Smart Chain and ETH chain.


Website Dev

Spidey is a frontend website developer who has worked in 50+ crypto projects in various blockchains. He has developed websites for NFT, P2E, DAO and meme coin projects in the past year. 


Game Designer

Jardie is a person who is self motivated, enjoys challenges and always eager to learn. He has a  strong knowledge in both character and environment 3D modeling. He is glad to be part of this exciting industry as a 3D artist.


Social Media

Razvan started working with a lot of play-to-earn crypto projects at the end of 2021. He is a very experienced social media manager. Till now he worked for more than 5 projects.


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